Endless Eating @ Figaro

I simply cannot resist the idea of eating abundantly (yes I know its gluttony but what the heck) so when a friend of mine invited me for an “All you can eat” treat I immediately said “I’m In!”

But this time, it’s not in a fancy hotel or restaurant but in a café (oh boy, can you believe it? LOL!) and that place is none other than Figaro. I instantly said yes because being a coffee-lover I’m quite homey with this coffeeshop and I’m somewhat acquainted with their food line.

Figaro Coffee Company

I got at Figaro-EDSA Shangrila 30 minutes earlier the call time so I found myself in one of their comfty  seats and was told to help myself with their house blend coffee while waiting for them. And with the little help of my Figaro Coffee Club Card I enjoyed my good ‘ol coffee with free refills (hooray!) hehehehe!

Now after blissfully waiting, friends came in and so the fight is on.

The Concept

So here’s how it works:

‘All You Can Eat’

It’s very quite simple. You get to have your choice of pasta + your choice of sandwich and a bottomless cool lemon juice. In every batch you can either get the same combination or inter-change your choices of pasta and sandwich.

For my 1st batch, I had Carbonara and a Bacon-Letuce-Tomato (BLT) sandwich. Two things good about this pair: delicious smoky bacon and fresh veggies. Enough said. 😉

Carbonara and BLT

After finishing my first batch, the wait staff took my second order for my second helping. This time I had Pasta Al Tonno and Grilled Chicken. What I love about this pair: Chicken is very tender and grilled to perfection and the tuna are very tasty and well integrated with the other ingredients. I bet once you have tried this, your tuna casserole (if you are used of making one) will never be the same..hehehe! 🙂

Pasta Al Tonno and Grilled Chicken

Now, for my 3rd batch (and I think my last as I am already very full..LOL! :D), I had Pasta ala Pesto and Grilled Eggplant sandwich. This pair is pure vegetables and very recommended for vegans or for those who are very keen with calories. Fresh Basils were used to form the pesto and eggplant goes very well with it.

I also tried their Tuna and Cheese, and all I can say is its very heavenly. And so far its the best tuna salad sandwich that I had. It’s perfectly combined with the usual veggies that goes with your traditional tuna sandwich.

Pesto and Grilled Eggplant
Tuna and Cheese

Well I guess that’s it. I have to admit that I’m already full and I regret that I can’t anymore take the Pasta Arabiata (damn!) But overall, the ‘All You Can Eat’ challenge was a success and I went home with a smile. 🙂 I would definitely won’t mind going back and will recommend it to friends.

The ‘All You Can Eat’ promo is up until February of this year. As usual, no sharing, no left-overs and strictly for dine-in only. See flyer’s for participating stores.

1510578_10151853609098663_1005634471_nMy over-all rating: 5 Stars! 🙂